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DENSO Corporation Eco Cute Housing/Facilities-Related Device / Electric Water Heater

ENL Registration date for certification : 2017/10/27

ENL Certification Number: JZ-000021

Model Number:DN371FHBXC  |  DN371FHBCS  |  DN371FHBS  |  DN371FHS  |  DN371FHPK  |  DN371FHSE  |  DN461FHBXC  |  DN461FHBCS  |  DN461FHBS  |  DN461FHS  |  DN461FHPK  |  DN461FHSE  |  DN372FHS

Eco Cute is a natural refrigerant CO2 heat pump water heater that boils water with the power of air and electricity. It is a environment friendly, and product economical.
It is operated, bath operation etc. , by ECHONET Lite compatible controllers.
A middleware adopter (optional) needs to be connected for use.

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