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OMRON Corporation The hybrid system combined electricity storage and solar power generator controls Housing/Facilities-Related Device / Storage Battery

AIF Registration date for certification : 2017/4/12

AIF Certification Number: LZ-000008

ENL Certification Number
Lower communication layer:Ethernet, IPv4, UDP
Model Number:KP55S3-PKG-MM3  | KP55S3-PKG-MM4  | KP110S3-PKG-MM5  | KP55S4-PKG-MM3  | KP55S4-PKG-MM4  | KP110S4-PKG-MM5  | KP55S3-PKG-SMM3  | KP55S3-PKG-SMM4  | KP110S3-PKG-SMM5  | KP55S4-PKG-SMM3  | KP55S4-PKG-SMM4  | KP110S4-PKG-SMM5  | TPV-55HY3-PKG-MMA  | TPV-55HY3-PKG-MMB  | TPV-55HY3W-PKG-MM  | KP55S3-PKG-MM3-SS  | KP55S3-PKG-MM4-SS  | KP110S3-PKG-MM5-SS  | CB-HYB03A  | CB-HYB03AS  | CB-HYB03AW  | CB-HYB04A  | CB-HYB04AS  | CB-HYB04AW  | EGS-ML0650

The hybrid electricity storage system of solar power generator is that combined two necessary power controls from electricity storage and solar power generator into one system. It’s not only minimize the conversion loss to the discharging it can contribute to space saving.
This hybrid system can be disaster prevention measures that protect from power outage by natural disasters, there is a cost merit storing electric power at cheaper night time and utilizing the batteries for during the day time, surplus electricity can be stored in storage batteries when voltage rises or output control and it the smart use of electricity.

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