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DELTA ELECTRONICS (JAPAN), INC. Residential Energy Storage System Housing/Facilities-Related Device / Storage Battery

Registration date for certification : 2017/10/31

Certification Number: LZ-000048

Lower communication layer:
Model Number:ES5550-G

This is a electric power storage system for residential. The system has a 5.5kW power conditioner (PCS) and lithium-ion batteries. Up to two battery banks can be connected. One battery bank have rated capacity of 5.2 kWh. It can also be charged from already installed solar power generation system. Even during self-sustaining operation, it supports residential single-phase 3-wire AC 100 V / AC 200 V, so this system supports electricity for one household. PCS has no cooling fan motor, it has excellent quiet performance. It is HEMS compatible equipment. It can be operated remotely.

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