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Noritz Corporation Bath water heater remote controller Housing/Facilities-Related Device / Instantaneous Water Heater

AIF Registration date for certification : 2018/11/06

AIF Certification Number: LZ-000100

(AIF Spec: Instantaneous Water Heater Ver.1.02)

Appendix Version: Release J

ENL Certification Number
Lower communication layer:IEEE802.11 (Wireless LAN 2.4GHz) IPv4 UDP
Model Number:RC-G001EW multiple set + GTH-CV2451AW6H-1BL12A13A
[Controller]+[Instantaneous type water heater]
RC-G001EW multiple set | RC-G001PEW multiple set | RC-G001MW-FCN | RC-G001MPW-FCN
[Instantaneous type water heater]
GT-C(CP/CV)2462 series | GT-C(CP/CV)2062 series | GT-C(CP/CV)1662 series | GRQ-C2462 series | GRQ-C2062 series | GRQ-C1662 series | GTH-C2452 series | GTH-C(CP/CV)2451-1 series | GTH-C2450-1 series | GTH-C1650-1 series | GTH-C2449-2 series | GTH-C2049-2 series | GTH-C2453 series | GTH-C2050-KO series | GTH-C2050-KR series | GTH-C1650-KR series | GTH-C2451-KO series | FT4217ARS series | FT2817ARS series | FT4218KRS series | FT3518KRS series | FT4218LRS series

Connecting to HEMS controller enables you to set the bath fill and control and check the status of floor heating from outside home.

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