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DELTA ELECTRONICS (JAPAN), INC. Q-VEC Housing/Facilities-Related Device / EV Charger

AIF Registration date for certification : 2019/04/03

AIF Certification Number: LZ-000118

(AIF Spec: EV Charger Ver.1.20)

Appendix Version: Release J

ENL Certification Number
Lower communication layer:IEEE802.3 (Ethernet) IPv4 UDP
Model Number:AWJ70215BENJ

Quick Vehicle Charger (Q-VEC) is compatible with ECHONET Lite communication protocol.
Q-VEC is designed to fit harmoniously within the family?cleanly stylish and a synch to use.
A Demand Contoller will prevent power outages from the electric vehicle drawing too much power by monitoring and adjusting power to prioritize the resident’s lifestyle needs over the vehicle.

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