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Panasonic Ecology Systems Co.,Ltd The Housing air-conditioning system (Air LOHAS) Air-Conditioner Device / Home Air Conditioner

AIF Registration date for certification : 2021/03/05

AIF Certification Number: LZ-000120

(AIF Spec: Home Air Conditioner Ver.1.00)

Appendix Version: Release J

ENL Certification Number
GZ-000581 | GZ-000770
Lower communication layer:IEEE802.3 (Ethernet) IPv4/UDP
Model Number:MSM24287+MSM24415 | MSM24287+MSM25567

The Housing air-conditioning system (Air LOHAS) is one of room air-conditioning, and it’s possible to do air conditioning and ventilation in each room. Schedule setting every room and an adjustment of the temperature can be operated using a controller which corresponds to ECHONET Lite.

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