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CORONA CORPORATION Air-Conditioner Air-Conditioner Device / Home Air Conditioner

AIF Registration date for certification : 2021/02/09

AIF Certification Number: LZ-000134

(AIF Spec: Home Air Conditioner Ver.1.00)

Appendix Version: Release J

ENL Certification Number
Model Number:CSH-X2219R+COH-X2219R+HMA-2
[Air Conditioner]+[Adapter]
[Air Conditioner]
CSH-X2519R+COH-X2519R | CSH-X2819R+COH-X2819R | CSH-X4019R2+COH-X4019R2 | CSH-X5619R2+COH-X5619R2 | CSH-S2219R+COH-S2219R | CSH-S2519R+COH-S2519R | CSH-S2819R+COH-S2819R | CSH-S4019R2+COH-S4019R2 | CSH-S5619R2+COH-S5619R2 | CSH-S2219RK2+COH-S2219RK2 | CSH-S2519RK2+COH-S2519RK2 | CSH-S2819RK2+COH-S2819RK2 | CSH-S4019RK2+COH-S4019RK2 | CSH-S5619RK2+COH-S5619RK2 | CSH-S4000+ERB-HP8740X | CSH-S5600+ERB-HP8756X | CSH-S2220R+COH-S2220R | CSH-S2520R+COH-S2520R | CSH-S2820R+COH-S2820R | CSH-S4020R2+COH-S4020R2 | CSH-S5620R2+COH-S5620R2 | CSH-S2220RK2+COH-S2220RK2 | CSH-S2520RK2+COH-S2520RK2 | CSH-S2820RK2+COH-S2820RK2 | CSH-S4020RK2+COH-S4020RK2 | CSH-S5620RK2+COH-S5620RK2

The air conditioner is an air conditioning equipment that adjusts the temperature and humidity of indoor air.
This product is an effectively utilizes the heat of the atmosphere by the heat pump system.
It is a high efficiency device that produces large thermal energy more than three times of the electric energy.
According the ECHONET Lite of communication standard ,you can be connected the HEMS via middleware adapter (sold separately).

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