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NORITZ CORP. Bath water heater remote controller Housing/Facilities-Related Device / Instantaneous Water Heater

AIF Registration date for certification : 2021/04/21

AIF Certification Number: LZ-000159

(AIF Spec: Instantaneous Water Heater Ver.1.02)

Appendix Version: Release J

ENL Certification Number
Lower communication layer:IEEE802.11 (wireless LAN 2.4GHz) IPv4/UDP
Model Number:RC-G001PEW-1 Multi set+ GT-C2462PAWXBL12A13A
[Controllers]+[Instantaneous water heaters]
RC-G001PEW-1 Multi set | RC-G001EW-1 Multi set | RC-G001MW-1-FCN | RC-G001MPW-1-FCN
[Instantaneous water heaters]
GT-C(CP/CV)2462 series | GT-C(CP/CV)2062 series | GT-C(CP/CV)1662 series | GRQ-C2462 series | GRQ-C2062 series | GRQ-C1662 series | GT-C(CP/CV)2063 series | GT-C(CP/CV)1663 series | HCT-C2462 series | HCT-C2062 series | HCT-C1662 series | GT-2460-1 series | GT-2060-1 series | GT-1660-1 series | HCT-2460-1 series | HCT-2060-1 series | GTH-C2059 series | GTH-C2459 series | GTH-C(CV)1660 series | GTH-C(CP/CV)2460 series | GTH-C(CP/CV)2461 series | GTH-C2452-KR series | GTH-C2451-KO series | GTH-C1650-KR series | GTH-C2050-KR series | FT4220KRS series | FT2820ARS series | FT4220ARS series | GT-1653-4 series | GT-2053-4 series | GTH-C2453 series | GTH-C2050-KO series | FT3520KRS series | FT4218LRS series

It is a bath water heater remote controller with bathroom monitoring function.
The touch screen is intuitive and easy to operate.
Wireless LAN module is equipped, so if it is connected to HEMS controller, remote operation such as filling the bathtub with hot water and floor heating is available even from outside the house.

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