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CORONA CORPORATION Residential heat pump water heater Housing/Facilities-Related Device / Electric Water Heater

AIF Registration date for certification : 2023/03/27

AIF Certification Number: LZ-000300

(AIF Spec: Heat Pump Water Heater Ver.1.10)

Appendix Version: Release I

ENL Certification Number
JZ-000024 | HZ-000024
Lower communication layer:IEEE802.3 (Ethernet) IPv4 UDP
Model Number:CHP-E37AY6+HMA-1
[HP water heaters] + [Adapters]
[HP water heaters]
HHP-YE37AY6 | HHP-YE46AY6 | HHP-Y37AY4K-B | HHP-Y46AY4K-B | CHP-E46AY6 | CHP-37AY5K-B | CHP-46AY5K-B | CHP-S30AY1-12B

The Eco Cute is a highly efficient electric water heater that utilizes a little electric energy, utilizing atmospheric heat effectively, and it produces thermal energy more than three times of electric energy. Because boiling water at night, it is possible to reduce the amount of electricity consumption during the daytime with a lot of electricity demand.

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