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Looop Inc 「Looopでんち」HomeServerController Controller / Controller

AIF Registration date for certification : 2021/11/22

AIF Certification Number: MZ-000239

(AIF Spec: Hybrid Water Heater Ver.1.00)

Appendix Version: Release H

ENL Certification Number
Model Number:LP-HNDS0040-0201

「Looopでんち」 Home Server Controller controls the optimum charging and releasing of stored electricity after weighing in the electricity usage of the home (measured with smart meter), and the electricity production of the solar electrical system (measured by the AI server).It collects usage data from instantaneous water heaters and hybrid water heaters, integrates them, and controls the water heaters appropriately.
All products registered on this certificate are also certified for instantaneous water heater AIF specification(MZ-000240)

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