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NEC Corp. Smart Electric Energy Meter Measuring Device / LV Smart Electric Energy Meter

AIF Registration date for certification : 2014/12/16

AIF Certification Number: PZ-000004

ENL Certification Number
Lower communication layer:Wi-SUN (WSA 0026)
Model Number:TWL2-92

TWL2-92 is a communication unit for a smart electric energy meter.
Using this unit equipped with the communication function with an electric energy meter which measures the electric energy consumed by a customer allows AMI(Advanced Metering Infrastructure)function including automated meter reading remotely.

ECHONET Lite Device Type of this communication unit is “Full ECHONET Lite device”.
In Route-B communication, the information such as electric energy consumed measured by a smart electric energy meter is transmitted from a smart electric energy meter to a HEMS controller in customer premises. System A of TTC JJ-300.10 920MHz band wireless (Wi-SUN) is adopted as low layers of Route-B communication of this communication unit. The information specified in node profile class and smart electric energy meter class of ECHONET Lite is provided by utilizing Wi-SUN communication.
This enables visualization of the amount of electric energy consumed and control of home electronics by the HEMS controller function with the information such as electric energy consumed received from this communication unit.

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