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FUJITSU LIMITED Smart Electric Energy Meter Measuring Device / LV Smart Electric Energy Meter

AIF Registration date for certification : 2014/12/26

AIF Certification Number: PZ-000008

ENL Certification Number
Lower communication layer:G3. 1412.017.2.B
Model Number:SJKD08

It is a communication part of the Smart Electric Energy Meter.
The amount of the electric power use in the home is measured every 30 minutes, and a remote meter-reading is achieved.
Moreover, information on the amount etc. of the electric power use can be done sent to terminal (HEMS) in the house.
The amount of the electric power use is visualized, and efficient power saving is achieved by the function of HEMS.

In this product, G3-PLC is used as a communication method with HEMS.
This is a new power line communication method that ITU (International Telecommunications Union) standardized, and a secure communication by the AES-128 code has been achieved in the delivery of information.

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