ECHONET Specifications (Open to the public)

Download of English Version of ECHONET Lite Specification, Version 1.13

Table of Contents ECHONET-Lite_Ver.1.13(00)_E.pdf [PDF 214KB]
Part 1 ECHONET Lite Overview ECHONET-Lite_Ver.1.13(01)_E.pdf [PDF 258KB]
Part 2 ECHONET Lite Communications Middleware Specifications ECHONET-Lite_Ver.1.13(02)_E.pdf [PDF 689KB]
Part 3 ECHONET Lite Communications Equipment Specification ECHONET-Lite_Ver.1.13(03)_E.pdf [PDF 1.3MB]
Part 4 ECHONET Lite Gateway Specification ECHONET-Lite_Ver.1.13(04)_E.pdf [PDF 508KB]
Part 5 ECHONET Lite System Design Guidelines ECHONET-Lite_Ver.1.13(05)_E.pdf [PDF 88KB]


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