ECHONET Specifications

Download of English Version of ECHONET Lite Specification Version 1.00

General Contents and Definitions of Terms SpecLiteVer.1.0_e_00.pdf [PDF 311KB]
Part I ECHONET Lite Overview SpecLiteVer.1.0_e_01.pdf [PDF 361KB]
Part II ECHONET Lite Communication Middleware Specification SpecLiteVer.1.0_e_02.pdf [PDF 1.29MB]
Part III ECHONET Lite Communications Equipment Specifications SpecLiteVer.1.0_e_03.pdf [PDF 2.81MB]
Part IV ECHONET Lite Gateway Specifications SpecLiteVer.1.0_e_04.pdf [PDF 968KB]
Part V ECHONET Lite System Design Guidelines SpecLiteVer.1.0_e_05.pdf [PDF 167KB]
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