The results of the 12th ECHONET Forum were posted on the website.

On February 7, the Twelfth Forum was held at the Large Hall, Seavans S Building 1F.
The forum was successful with 93 total participants, including lecturers and technical exhibitors.
The ECHONET Consortium this year worked intensively to promote ECHONET Lite facilitation activities overseas, including international standardization activities for ECHONET Lite AIF specifications and our participation in overseas exhibitions.
We gave lectures and presentations with a focus on our efforts to promote increased use of the specifications overseas.
Dr. Masao Isshiki, a professor at the Kanagawa Institute of Technology who has worked hard to internationalize ECHONET Lite, gave a special lecture about what to expect in the international standardization of ECHONET Lite.
The Planning and Steering Committee gave a presentation on the status of activities to propose AIF specifications between Air Conditioners and HEMS Controllers into international standards to ISO/IEC JTC1 SC25, while the Promotion Committee introduced their exhibitions in Europe and Asia as well as efforts to collaborate with European standardization organizations.
As representative companies, TEPCO Power Grid Inc. and NextDrive Ltd. gave an overview of their Smart Community Project, which is being promoted in Tainan City, Taiwan, and introduced the ECHONET Lite devices used for the project.
Other committees reported their activities during 2019 and some of the member companies gave lectures and exhibitions of the latest technologies and products. The session was completed successfully with many members who participated.

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