The results of the 10th ECHONET Forum were posted on the website.

We posted the results of the 10th Forum held on the website on February 8th at the 1st Floor Hall of Sea Bank S Building.
On the day, we were successfully finished with the participation of a total of 86 people including lecturers and technical exhibitors.
As a special speeches, Mr. Koizumi from the information Economy Division,Commerce and Information Policy Bureau at METI, Trade and Industry, Professor Isshiki Kanagawa Institute of Technology, and Mr.Kawasaki of Panasonic gave speeches.
We reported the activities of each committee in fiscal 2018, introduction of the latest technology and products from member companies, and introduction procedure of “ECHONET Lite Web API experimental cloud” which was started operation in December of last year.

In addition to displaying the latest technologies and products from member companies, we also demonstrated the demonstration of “ECHONET Lite Web API experimental cloud”.

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