Open Specs

Download of English Version of ECHONET Specification Version 2.11

General Contents and Definitions of Terms spec_v211e_0.pdf [PDF 133KB]
Part1 ECHONET Overview spec_v211e_1.pdf [PDF 193KB]
Part2 ECHONET Communications Middleware Specifications spec_v211e_2.pdf [PDF 1.62MB]
Part3 Transmission Media and Lower-layer Communication Software Specification spec_v211e_3.pdf [PDF 1.12MB]
Part4 ECHONET Basic API Specification spec_v211e_4.pdf [PDF 707KB]
Part5 ECHONET Common Lower-layer Communication Interface Specification spec_v211e_5.pdf [PDF 207KB]
Part6 ECHONET Discrete Lower-layer Communications Interface Specification spec_v211e_6.pdf [PDF 192KB]
Part7 ECHONET Communications Equipment Specification spec_v211e_7.pdf [PDF 369KB]
Part8 ECHONET Service Middleware Specification spec_v211e_8.pdf [PDF 143KB]
Part9 ECHONET Gateway Specification spec_v211e_9.pdf [PDF 164KB]
Part10 ECHONET System Design Guidelines spec_v211e_10.pdf [PDF 95KB]
Appendix Detailed Stipulations for ECHONET Device Objects spec_v211e_Appendix.pdf [PDF 519KB]
errata spec_v211e_errata.pdf [PDF 29KB]
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